Sunday, March 1, 2009


All of a sudden, EVERYONE is on FACEBOOK! And I do mean EVERYONE! Not only is it a great way to connect with old and new friends, it's an ADDICTION! For me it has been a great resource to stay connected to many friends around the country...and now, I have branched out to multiple accounts! How did this happen...???? Not only do I have to manage several email accounts, a cell phone, TEXTING and my own website....NOW, I have to ..I mean, GET to, oversee my FACEBOOK accounts...

My NHSA SOCCER FACEBOOK page is intended for the soccer league I helped create in Nordonia Hills. The Nordonia Hills Soccer Association is a youth soccer league that covers Sagamore Hills, Northfield, Northfield Center and Macedonia. I try to limit the friends to parents and associates to the league. It's informational for what the league is doing.
My personal page is the ALLAN FEE page with my picture. This is for friends, family, listeners and whoever else. I consider this my MAIN FACEBOOK page.

The WILDE AND FEE FAN PAGE and profile is for interactive purposes for our radio show listeners. We often read the comments that are posted live on the air. Its a great way for us to stay connected to our audience..something we pride ourselves in. Rebecca and Glenn are also great on staying on top of their individual pages.

Overall, I love keeping my FACEBOOK pages updated. I try to keep the photos updated and as interesting as possible. Soon, I'll be adding video to each of the pages. I invite you to "friend" the pages and check them out!

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Anonymous said...

The website looks great! I love the new look.