Sunday, March 1, 2009


It's the first day of the new month, and with it comes the re-launch of my website The site will be up by this evening. It will have a whole new look with photo galleries and the same features from the previous site. Coming soon, I am thrilled to be adding both audio and video to the site. There will be interview clips and other moments from my radio show. It will also have video from behind the scenes and video access with a live webcam. I'm excited about the re-launch and look forward to the many exciting features coming soon!

Last night's JUMPBACK BALL was another huge success for PLAYHOUSE SQUARE! It's their largest funraiser of the year and it didn't disappoint. Despite the attendance being off from last year, they rolled out the red carpet and put on an awesome night. I'm proud to have been apart of hosting with my co-host REBECCA WILDE.

My daughter GABBY is coming off a huge night with the girlscouts. Several hundred girlscouts from the area had a huge sleepover party at SOUTHPARK MALL. I'm always impressed with the many fun and origional events the mall puts on. My daughter had a blast watching HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 3 and staying up all night. Upon arrival early this morning, she reported good times and then zonked out on the couch soon's safe to say it's a quiet Sunday here at the house.

...from uh....OCTO-DAD i go........Listener Steve is back again with another edition of FUN WITH PHOTOSHOP...this is me, as , uh...The Octo-Mom.....ish....

....note the lil baby with the cigar...still makes me laugh....

This past week, my friend TOM SEASHOLTZ introduced me to a great bar from his past. We stopped by THE ORIOLE in Berea. It's my kinda place! Casual, fun and great food! It's an awesome place to get a Dortmunder from Great Lakes and they have the 'BEST WINGS IN BEREA" I'm not sure who else has wings in Berea, but I do know The Oriole gives good wing! I will certainly be back. I enjoy those kinds of bars. Real people, casual. A place to hang with friends. If you know of any, I'm open to hear about more. Leave your favorites on the comment page of this blog below. Some of my all time favorites; Hotz Cafe, Hooples, Edison's, The Parkview, Thirst and Ten, Scoundrals, SCOREBOARDS in Northfield, ZIGS. I also enjoy NIGHTTOWN on the East Side. Where else??
ELLEN BASINSKI. The 70 year old Elyria woman who thwarted would-be robbers with an EMERIL frying pan. Brings new meaning to BAM!! She was also an awesome guest on our show. I love her spirit.
Spring Training is underway and it's time. I'm really happy with the new look of my website. FACEBOOK is like crack. Soccer sign ups are underway and the season can't come soon enough. I stand by Cavs over the Lakers in six in The Finals. It's well worth YOU TUBING the dance scene during the credit's of SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE.
My brother Ian for settin' a new record in Salton City at Captain Jim's. My friend JEN TOOHEY for STARBUCKIN' this week. "Lethargic" Mark for coverin' for Producer Nick. TOM SEASHOLTZ for introducin' me to THE ORIOLE. NORM from HOOPLES for buyin' 7 boxes of thin mints from my daughter for girlscouts.

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