Thursday, March 26, 2009


I took some heat during Wednesday's show when discussing The Cavs and their over-the-top pre-game rituals. I'm a huge fan of the pre-game pyrotechnics and player intros. The music, the video and the energy is AWESOME! What I don't like is when the players pose for fake photo-ops and all of their other gestures and such. I love the SHOW of a sporting event...but why not let the show speak for itself? And why not let the actions of players on the court speak for themselves. Showboating doesn't belong in sports. It's poor sportsmanship and takes away from the game. I don't think it's cool for all this to happen as the opposing team is waiting for the game to begin.
I was surprised to hear listeners mostly disagree with me about this. I thought there would be more respect for the game. Perhaps I'm too much of a sports traditionalist. Based on the reaction, I very well could be wrong.
My hope is that the team won't believe it's own hype and stay focused on bringing a long-awaited championship to Cleveland.

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lwlod said...

Watching the game today, reminded me this post. I agree with you. This game today, by far, was one of the worst I have seen in terms of showboating and being cocky. Personally, I think Gibson has been off all season, he hits a 3, and they "light a fire for him"? 1 and 9 I think is what they said. They are having a fantasic season..lets win a championship and then rock the cockyness.