Saturday, March 21, 2009


This was taken from our suite at The Cavs game earlier this week when the CAVS beat the KNICKS.
My daughter Gabby enjoyed some bike time during the warm weather last week. We plan to get out and do a lot of biking this Spring and Summer. There is also talk of doing Pedal To The Point or some other major ride soon.

My daughter Gabby and I really enjoy playing the dice game "TROUBLE"....although it is a game of chance, we both feel that we are very skilled and evenly matched. She is the current reigning champion in our house...

I LOVE SUSHI! My two favorite places to go here in Cleveland are GINZA near the stadium downtown and SAKURA in Brecksville near my house. Every once in a whilte, I need to get a quick fix for lunch. Heinin's in Brecksville does a pretty nice job....
This pic was snapped in GLENN THE FUNNY SONG MAN'S studio during post-show production on Friday. On Friday's, after our show, we tape WILDE AND FEE WEEKEND that airs Saturday 6-10am.
St. Patty's Day was pretty low key for me this year. It included a flyby to see some friends in the 'hood. Brian and Patrick are part of our dinner group. Yes...that really is green champagne...
My friend KEN in his suite at The Cavs game at The Q.

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