Sunday, February 15, 2009


Broadcasting the show live from DISNEY WORLD was an absolute blast! The crew at DISNEY is first class and really helped make our trip to Florida enjoyable both on and off the air. Although I had been to DISNEYWORLD a few years back, I had never seen EPCOT and several other attractions. THE AMERICAN IDOL EXPERIENCE will be a huge hit at the park if the kick-off party was any indication. ALL SEVEN IDOL winners appeared on stage for the first time and there were appearances from RYAN SEACREST and PAULA ABDUL. The "BLUE" Carpet was a who's who of IDOL and they went all out at the after-party. The highlight of the event had to be the duet with CARRIE UNDERWOOD and DAVID COOK doing FLEETWOOD MAC.

MOUSE EARS are a must when you go to Disney
....the trick is making sure you get them back home to your daughter without crushing them.

The people at DISNEY showered us with gifts including this MICKEY MOUSE stuffed animal. It takes a lil work getting MICKEY through security and onboard the airplane. I felt bad stuffing him into the overhead storage compartment, but airfare was a tad much for a second seat.

It's very easy to achieve inner peace when you are drinking a sugary drink out of a sippy-cup that is sporting mouse ears....
Overall, I can't say enough about how much fun we had both on and off the air at DISNEY. We were treated so well by everyone, especially "DJ" who took care of everything for us.

The REGGAE BRUNCH at THE PARKVIEW takes place the Sunday after Super Bowl Sunday each year. My friend NORM, who runs The Parkview's sister bar HOOPLES invited me out for the second straight year. The music is awesome and sounds even better after a couple of RED STRIPES..The event and the bar are so much fun!

Cleveland has so many wonderful places with great people and awesome food! On Saturday, my daughter GABBY and I ventured out to LITTLE ITALY to pick up some fresh pizza dough at PRESTIS BAKERY for a party we had later that night at the house. Since we had extra time, (I made sure of it), we enjoyed lunch. GABS had her favorite, wedding soup, and insisted that we "share" some desserts....

I attempted to be somewhat healthy with my veggie stromboli. EVERYTHING at PRESTI's is so good! It's nearly impossible to chose just one item on the menu....but their stromboli, by far, is my favorite!
I have to admit that Friday's trip back from Florida was a tad unsettling. Flying on Friday The 13th...the day after a major plane crash...on flight on 313...but I'm just glad we made it...
In my previous blog entry, I mentioned BUCKY COVINGTON's hair in jest. A couple of commenters on the blog took exception to the joking about the hair..I want to make it clear that it's hair envy....that's all it is... : )
I'm a big baseball fan. The steroid controversy is a joke. I'm not going to take the issue seriously until baseball does. It's no surprise that names keep popping up...but they can catch anyone anytime with testing. Baseball goes soft on players...especially the stars, because they are what brings MLB to life. It's a waste of time to nickel and dime the issue. If you want steroids out of the game, test everyone on a regular basis and be done with it. What's happening now is joke.
...having said that...the countdown to OPENING DAY is on!

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