Monday, February 9, 2009


We depart for DISNEYWORLD after the show this morning. We'll be broadcast live from THE AMERICAN IDOL EXPERIENCE tomorrow through Friday. We'll talk to several idols and give a special behind-the-scenes look at DISNEY's newest attraction.

Despite the CAVS loss to the Lakers on Sunday, The CAVS are just fine. The pressure of the unbeaten streak is over, now they can focus on winning The Eastern Conference Title.

Great to see JENNIFER HUDSON's star shine on The Grammys last night. Also, big ups to COLDPLAY for such a great song!


CLINT EASTWOOD's GRAN TERINO is a simple, but very good movie.

SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE is a movie that deserves more mainstream credit. I'm sure it'll get the credit it deserves after it cleans up at The Oscars.

FROST/NIXON is a historical masterpiece. I had to check the credits to see if that was really NIXON in the lead role.

Special thanks to everyone at THE PARKVIEW for their unbelievable party on Sunday. The annual REGGAE BRUNCH was a blast. They hold it every year the Sunday after Superbowl Sunday. Great music and good times!

The weekend THAW was much needed...I can't wait for spring soccer season to finally's time....

Have a great to ya from DISNEY!

be@peace ~a

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