Tuesday, December 9, 2008

THE SUNDAY COLUMN...written on Tuesday...


By far, my favorite new artist is JAMES MORRISON. I picked up both of his CD's last week and they are awesome! His debut disc "UNDISCOVERED" and his latest disc "SONGS FOR YOU, TRUTHS FOR ME" are quite strong from start to finish. I highly suggest you check him out on www.youtube.com. Specifically, check out "BROKEN STRINGS" is a duet with NELLY FURTADO and it is powerful. Other songs to check out include "YOU GIVE ME SOMETHING", "YOU MAKE IT REAL" and "PLEASE DON'T STOP THE RAIN".


I always enjoy finding new places to hang out. This past weekend, I was in KENT at RAY's with my best friend WOODY and "LETHARGIC MARK" from the show. Kent is a great place to hang out.
This past week, I celebrated my 41st birthday at HOOPLES in The Flats. I had my 40th party at HOOPLES and had a blast! This year, I had local jazz singer ERIN KUFEL sing and hang out with several of my friends....

My friend KEVIN (left) first introduced me to HOOPLES on my first night in Cleveland. NORM (right) runs the bar and knows how to throw a great party!

Since predicting the CAVS would win The NBA Finals in 6 games over the LAKERS, they have rolled to a 17-3 record and remain unbeaten at home.
The Browns should let ROMEO CRENNEL go now so he can leave with some dignity. Why put him through this?

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