Thursday, December 11, 2008


NICK LACHEY is an easy interview. He's funny, talented and can laugh at himself. Much like our recent interview with WILL SMITH, LACHEY can take everything you throw at him. Often times, we are asked to avoid certain topics with certain celebrities. Handlers will ask us to not ask about personal lives or uncomfortable topics. NICK LACHEY is an open book. We joked about JESSICA SIMPSON, brought up DALLAS COWBOYS QUARTERBACK TONY ROMO and his current relationship. He didn't take himself seriously and rolled with whatever. I'm always impressed with people who can laugh at themselves and don't take things too seriously. They make for great guests and make our jobs much easier.


Anonymous said...

Please support him, not only because he's from Ohio, but because he's really talented and a genuine person!

Anonymous said...

can you please post the interview i love him. He is smart and down to earth love him too.