Sunday, December 14, 2008


I love my job! I'm blessed to do what I get to do for a living. This week, I met INDIANS slugger TRAVIS HAFNER, NICK LACHEY stopped by the show and I participated in making a SUPERBOWL commercial. There's never a dull moment.....

STATE FARM insurance taped a SUPERBOWL commercial at BROWNS STADIUM this weekend. Because of my connection to THE BROWNS BACKERS, I had the opportunity to participate. Although I don't have all the details, I do know that the commercial features LEBRON (LE BROWN) JAMES as a receiver for the BROWNIES (wearing #23) scoring touchdowns and leaping into the DAWGPOUND. As an extra in the commercial, I was part of the crowd and later played the role of a photographer on the sidelines. The entire shoot lasted hours! It was freezing cold on Saturday with temps dropping into the low 20's and we had a brisk wind off the lake. In all, we were there from 1pm until after 11pm! It was like attending three consecutive BROWNS games on the same day!

In this picture, "FAKE LEBRON" catches a touchdown pass against the "FAKE BUFFALO BILLS GUY". I was part of the crowd in the background that went crazy. "FAKE LEBRON" later jumped into THE DAWG POUND. Honestly, it was nice to see a touchdown in the stadium, event though it really didn't count.

THE BONE LADY was on hand for the taping of the commercial. We kept each other laughing during the very long day. I have a whole new appreciation for her after wearing her, uh, wig? That thing weighs a ton and it's hard to balance. I don't know how she does it....

Overall, I'm glad I was a part of the commercial and can't wait to see it during the SUPERBOWL. Although I'll probably end up on the cutting room floor, it was fun to hang out with THE BROWNS BACKERS and see how a commercial is made. For the record, I made $150 as an extra..that almost covered the bar tab after at THE PARKVIEW.

My daughter GABBY and I stopped by SOUTHPARK MALL in Strongsville this week. We hung out with SANTA and TRAVIS HAFNER from the INDIANS.



CAVS still unbeaten at home since "THE PREDICTION" of an NBA


KERRY WOOD to The Tribe as a closer is a solid move...I'm worried about his injury history...

Can't wait for The Q104 AQSTIC CHRISTMAS Monday night. MATT NATHANSON is the best. Should be cool to see JUSTIN NOZUKA for the first time. AUGUSTANA is solid too.

be@peace ~a

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