Monday, November 30, 2009


It's always a good time when I get the opportunity to guest-host on WKYC Channel 3's GOOD COMPANY. I love doing TV with Andrea Vecchio, Fred Griffith and the entire crew from the show. I know I have no business hosting cooking segments and I sweat too much...but it's always an hour-long adventure I look forward to..
Hosting the cooking segment with AMP 150 Chef Ellis Cooley. "We" made sweet potatoe pierogis...I think I "drizzled" a lil too much....

Producer Claire, Me, Andrea Vecchio and Fred Griffith on the set of "GOOD COMPANY". Everyone on the crew is so kind and fun. I appreciate the opportunity and I always leave laughin' to myself...The hot lights get me every time...nothing like sweating in HD..... : )

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