Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2009 IS UNDERWAY.....

I love the energy of a brand new year! It's a fresh start. A chance to hit the ground running with new ideas and momentum. Despite the media's dismal portrayal of 2008, I found it to be a reflective year with plenty to learn from. I look forward to 2009 and feel more than equipped with the lessons from the previous year.

The real challenge, as it often has been, is health and fitness. On today's show, we talked a lot about weight loss and diet. The conversation was inspired by OPRAH's anger and disappointment in her own struggle with weight. It amazes me how much we/I complicate the process. There are all kinds of fancy diets and plans. But ultimately, it always comes down to diet and exercize. Don't eat so much and be more active, and you will lose weight. It's not a lack of knowledge, it's a lack of action.

It's so easy to get caught up with socally eating and drinking and putting off getting on track. There's always a holiday, an event.....an excuse.....

I totally relate to what OPRAH said on her show yesterday. I'm angry that I have never fully conquered the battle of the bulge. It's not a lack of knowlege, it's not consistently making the choice to do something about it. As I begin the new year, it's gotta be about smarter choices and being more active. As motivational speaker TONY ROBBINS says, it's all about taking MASSIVE ACTION. It's a new year...why not this year?


The movie THE SPIRIT is not a great movie, but it's fun to watch. It's visually fun with lots of eye candy.

Adam Sandler's BEDTIME STORIES was much better than I thought. Great family movie.

THE BROWNS need to be smarter about hiring coaches and GM's. They already seem to be getting ahead of themselves. Why not take all the time you can to make sure you get it right...this time.

OSU should have lost to TEXAS. The Longhorns are a better team. The Buckeyes should be proud that they played a tight game against a very good team.

Big test for The Cavs Friday night. The game against the Celtics should feel like a play-off game. Time for LeBRON and the boys to make a statement.

Special thanks to MARCHELLE for the fun pic! I love it. The fake Allan looks better than the real one : )

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's a to a fresh start and good times...

be@peace ~a

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