Monday, January 26, 2009


My Dad turned "double -40" this week. To the man who puts an olive, salt and sometimes even tomato juice in his beer, I must pay tribute. I can only hope to have his energy and sense of humor when I turn 80.
His party on Saturday, January 24th was a who's who of Salton City, California. From Miss Salton Sea to Richard, the top Kereoke man in the desert. Gordon, a local artist was there with a painting of my father throwin' a dart up at CAPTAIN JIM's to mark the milestone. Jaki, the local postmaster was there...she's a dear friend to my parents. Carl, who is one of the best fisherman in the region for AMERICAN TUNA was there with his bride Bonnie....I even scored a couple cans of tuna to take home...To some, it may have looked like the making of "COCOON 3" me, it was the most rockin' party I've been to in quite some time. I'm very proud to be my parents son and blessed to have been there for my Dad's 80th. My parents and their friends are a great reminder to live your life. Sometimes, it's just the simple things and surrounding yourself with great friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

DAD cuts the cake
DAD is up laughin' and dancin' waaaay past 8pm!


DAD can still toss a good sack at age 80! Some even went in the hole!

....well, I guess you can't be graceful at EVERYTHING at age 80!

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