Sunday, November 23, 2008


Without question, meeting WILL SMITH was the highlight of the week. It was truly an honor to meet him and talk with him on the show. It's a gift to be able to walk into a room and energize it the way he did. When he said his grandmother taught him to make everything he touches better, it was an awesome life lesson. There is no doubt in my mind that everyone who met him this week is a better person for it.

FRANK CALIENDO is one of my favorite comedians. He genuinely makes me laugh. His JOHN MADDEN, GEORGE BUSH, LENO and AL PACHINO voices kill me. It's amazing when he has all of them talking to each other. He's very talented and very funny. His show on Friday at PLAYHOUSE SQUARE was awesome!

Even though I knew most of his material from inerviews I have done and seeing his TV appearances and his show, he still had me rollin'. You know a comedian is good when you can feel the audience get to the punchline before he does and they still laugh. Frank is that good. He is one of my favorite guests on the show, because he makes us sound funny and he can turn nothing into something better than anyone.

On Friday, the band I was in for the FOX 8 rock band battle won the whole thing! I still can't believe it. I was sure our band would finish last for many reasons. In the end, our band blew away the band consisting of my co-host REBECCA and ROVER from WMMS. I can't believe how many people texted or called me after seeing the videos on TV. Who says you need talent to be a rock star? : )

CHANNEL 5 stopped by the show on Wednesday for some live shots and interaction with the anchors. Being on TV still cracks me up. It's hard for me to take those appearances seriously. It's amazing how an ear-piece can make you feel much more important than you really are.

SPORTS. As we predicted on the show Friday, the BUCKEYES rolled over MICHIGAN on Saturday. We said that OSU would win "by at least 3 touchdowns" and they did. Not surprising based on MICHIGAN having its worst season all time. It was actually disappointing to have such a bad game. Even the hype for the game was minimal. I would prefer to have a good MICHIGAN team come to Columbus for an instant classic. If MICHIGAN doesn't get its act together soon, the "greatest rivalry in sports" will become just another game. That's FIVE straight for OSU....

Like most sports fans, I make a lot of predictions. I remember when I'm right on and seem to forget when I was dead wrong. Since predicting the CAVS would win the NBA Finals in 6 games over the LAKERS, the team has lost once and remains unbeaten at home. LeBRON JAMES has been player-of-the-week in back-to-back weeks...I'm just sayin'.

Tuesday's SECONDHAND SERENADE show at HOUSE OF BLUES was surprising on a couple of levels. I had no idea there would be so many tattoos in the crowd and that the band would have such strong stage precense. I admit, I only know the band from the one song we play on Q104, so I didn't have much to go on. I expected the band to be more teeney-bop and not much to them. Instead, I was surprised at how good they were and how well they interacted with the crowd.

It's a short week with the Thanksgiving Day holiday. This is a time where I look back on the year and look ahead to the next. From as far back as I can remember, I have naturally done that this time of year. With my birthday in early December, I have always used this time to take stock in where I am and where I am going. It'll be a busy week of reflection and goal setting...

COMING THIS WEEK: Meeting the next President of the United States.

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