Sunday, May 31, 2009

My daughter fosters APL dog...

My daughter GABBY, who volunteers at The APL each week, has decided to take on the responsibility of fostering a dog. "SANDY" arrived to our home on Friday and Gabs has had a big smile on her face ever since. She has grown instantly attached and even had Sandy join us at soccer on Saturday afternoon. Our crazy schedules at our house make it difficult to take on the full-time responsibility of having a dog....but something tells me we are going to have some big decisions in our future : )
Having met the people of The APL, I can tell you that fostering an animal is wonderful thing to do. Many of these animals have been to hell and back and only need a lil love to get them back on track. The fostering program is worth looking into. It's a great way to teach a child responsibility...but more importantly, it's a wonderful way to treat an animal.

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